POLICIES AND SOPs Annals of Punjab Medical College (APMC)


• Annals of Punjab Medical College (APMC) is an official publication of Punjab Medical College Faisalabad Pakistan and is fully funded by the Institution itself. It is published on quarterly basis and is an open access Journal. • Editorial Board comprises of national and international faculty from different medical specialties. • Editorial Board and Pool of peer reviewers is revised every year. • The Chief Editor have full authority over the whole Editorial Board in the affairs of APMC.


• The authorship policy is based on ICMJE recommendations 2014, “The credit for authorship will be awarded to those who will meet following four criteria. A. Substantial contribution to conception or design of the work; or the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data for the work B. Drafting of the work or revising it critically for important intellectual content C. Final approval of the version to be published D. Agreement to be accountable for all aspects of the work in ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved. • All authors will require to fill and duly sign an “Authorship Proforma” to attest that they fulfill the above mentioned criteria. • It is the collective responsibility of authors to determine that all people named as authors meet all four criteria. • The named corresponding Author will be responsible for all communication with the editor’s office during the submission, review and publication process. • There is no restriction on number of authors depending upon whether it is single center or multi centric study. Any change in the order of authors, removal or addition of author after submission will be done only after a signed statement of agreement for the requested change from all listed authors and from the author to be removed or added is received by Editor-in-chief. • Any person who has contributed but does not fulfill all 4 criteria of authorship, there services should be acknowledged and not listed as authors.”


• Original research articles, review articles and case reports related to all disciplines of Medical Sciences can be submitted for publication in Annals of Punjab Medical College (APMC) in its office at “Urology Department, PMC / Allied Hospital, Faisalabad” directly or by email at annals.pmc@gmail.com, editor@apmc.com.pk. Author can get guidance from “Instructions to Authors” available at APMC website “http://www.apmc.com.pk/index.aspx”. The author must observe rules and regulations regarding study design, ethics, authorship and originality etc. • Author has to submit “Undertaking Form” regarding no duplication in publication in another journal and no plagiarism. • He/She must also declare authorship and role of all authors regarding contribution of all individual authors as per ICMJE guidelines on authorship.


• Publication of an article is totally free at no cost to the author. All kind of commercial advertisements of pharmaceuticals products are discouraged. No payment is received from any person/party for the advertisement.


• The receipt of the article will be acknowledged by the Editorial Office on the receipt of the article and corresponding author will be informed. It will be entered in the list of the articles in the APMC office and a specific number will be allotted to it for future reference. • A quick general survey of the article will be made by the Editor to see the fitness of its publication. • All correspondence will be made with the corresponding author. He/She will coordinate and update other authors of that article regarding his/her correspondence with the Editor. • In case of any change in manuscript of article after submission will be accepted if there is a justified reason by the corresponding author. • An article can be withdrawn before publication by stating the reason.


• Article will be sent to one internal and one external peer reviewers along with a structured peer review proforma. Peer reviewers will be selected from the reviewer’s database according to the specialty on single blind basis. • Peer reviewers will give their services on honorary basis without any payment. • If both the peer reviewers recommend it for publication, then it will be finalized for the coming issue. • If one recommends and one rejects the article, then it will be sent to a third peer reviewer. • Recommendations of the peer reviewers will be conveyed to the corresponding author for making any suggested change by the peer reviewers and then he/she will resubmit. The peer reviewers and authors will not directly approach each other. • Acceptance or rejection of the articles for publication will be decided by the Editor and conveyed to the corresponding author. • The author has a right to submit an appeal against the rejection of the article by proper justification. The issue will be dealt on merit. • The Chief Editor is ultimately responsible for the final selection of the article for publication and other affairs of the Journal. • Finalized articles will be ultimately sent to the concerned authors for a final self-review and correction of any misprint.


• Plagiarism in any form (see COPE guidelines) is condemned and not accepted at all. Plagiarism report will be ensured. • Author(s) will be responsible for the integrity and originality of research work and manuscript. Similarity index will be assessed. • Approval by “Ethical Review Committee” of respective institution is encouraged. • If plagiarism is alleged in any form, author will be asked to explain. If plagiarism will be proved as per decision of the Editorial Board, the article will be retracted and the author may be black listed.


• All the final composed articles for particular issue are sent to printing press for publication through Finance Department of Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad. Current issue is also uploaded on the website www.apmc.com.pk


• Copies of the Journal are sent to the first three authors, medical institutions and to editors of other journals totally free of any charges. • Rest of the copies of the issues are stored in the library and can be had from their for future reference


• Quality of the published issue is discussed in the Editorial Board meeting and the suggestions and decisions of the Editorial Board are implemented in the future publications. • Suggestions and proposals from the authors and any other corner are welcomed and properly processed at proper forum in the Editorial Board of the Journal.


• All the authors are required to disclose all kind of financial personal or institutional facilitations by any mean which might bias or seen to bias the intention of the author in written form. Editorial Board or review process will not take any responsibility of conflict of interest. All kind of disclosures will be displayed elaborately at the end of manuscript.


• Queries, proposals and suggestions can be sent to Chief Editor or Editor on annals.pmc@gmail.com, editor@apmc.com.pk.