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A little something about APMC.

Faisalabad Medical University “FMU” (Former Punjab Medical College “PMC”) is situated in Faisalabad-Pakistan. Punjab Medical College was established in 1973-74 and is spread over on area of 158 acres, college has a beautiful campus. Faisalabad (Former Lyallpur) is the third largest city of Pakistan and is know for textile industry. Faisalabad has developed a lot in past few years. It has many colleges and universities of International standards. It has an airport for domestic and International flights. City is connected to other cities through a network of motorways and other means of transport.

Allied Hospital, DHQ Teaching Hospital, Govt. General Hospital Ghulam Muhammad Abad and Govt. General Hospital Samanabad are the hospitals that are attached with the college for clinical teachings of the students. University has separate hostels for boys and girls. Hospitals have separate hostels for male and female doctors.

Faisalabad Medical University is being maintained by the Government of Punjab and is under the administrative control of Health Department. The Vice Chancellor of the university is responsible for all the administrative matters. Syndicate of the university has been constituted (including Professors and Heads of Departments) and Vice Chancellor of the university is the Head of this body. The Syndicates determine the requirements and take the decisions regarding functioning of various departments of the university and affiliated hospitals and nursing school.

Present Vice Chancellor of this University is Prof. Dr. Zafar Ali Choudry who is also Head of Department of General Surgery Allied Hospital Faisalabad. He is also Head of DHQ / Allied Hospital/ General Hospital Ghulam Muhammad Abad /General Hospital Samanabad and School of Nursing. These Hospitals have a huge catchment area and are providing all kind of treatment facilities and academic facilities to the undergraduate and post-graduate medical students.