Vol. 11 No. 2 (2017)

Terlipressin Administered Only Prior To Endoscopic Therapy in The Management of Bleeding Esophageal Varices Does Not Increase the Risk of Re-bleeding Compared to Standard 3-5 Days RegimeAdnan Salim, Muhammad Johar Amin, Masood Javed,
Anxiety in Recurrent Urinary Stone FormersMuhammad Sheraz Javed, Sana Tahir, Muhammad Awais Javed
To Evaluate the Pattern, Demographics and Etiologies of Acute Poisoning at A Tertiary Care Centre In Karachi PakistanAbdul Ghani, Muhammad Azam Akhter, Muhbat Ali
How Illiteracy Affects the Health of Women and Their Children in PMC Colony F BlockHumayun Suqrat Hasan Imam, Farah Ahmed Chohan, Muhammad Murtaza
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of The Nurses Regarding Patient Rights: A Study in Punjab Institute of Cardiology, LahoreTehmina Sardar, Altaf Pervez Qasim, Irum Majeed
Comparison of the Outcome of Thyroidectomy Using Ultrasonic Dissector with Conventional Knot Tying TechniqueMuhammad Nasir, Muhammad Saleem Iqbal, Shahbaz Ahmad
Indications & Complications of Colostomy in ChildrenGhulam Nabi Nasar
Death from Burns: A Twenty Years Autopsy Study in Faisalabad, PakistanUzma Masud, Ahmad Saeed, Shirza Nadeem
Effect of Anabolic Androgenic Steroid on Body Weight and Its Protection by Punica Granatum in Mice ModelHumaira Ali, Uzma Tipu Awan, Sarwar Zia, Khadija Qamar
Factors Associated with Medical Residents Burnout in Tertiary Care Hospital in KarachiWashdev, Kheenpal Das, Muhammad Hamza Subhani, Priyanka Ramesh
Clinico-Etiological Spectrum of Pancytopenia in Children Presenting in Allied Hospital, FaisalabadAmna Tufail, Muhammad Almas Hashmi, Imtiaz Ahmad
Frequency of Anemia in Healthy School Age Population in FaisalabadKashan Arshad, Muhammad Azam, Tahir Munir
Comparison of Outcome in Lateral Sphinterotomy and Anal Advancement FlapRehman Maqbool, Abdullah Bin Saeed, Ahmad Raees
Comparison between Combination of Band ligation and Propranolol with Propranolol alone in Secondary Prophylaxis of Variceal bleedMuhammad Hanif, Amir Hussain, Muhammad Aamer
Incidence of Anterior Open Bite Among Patients Visiting de’ Montmorency College of Dentistry, LahoreHaroon Iftikhar, Muhammad Azeem, Hafiz Muhammad Zahid Majeed
Aspartate Aminotransferase Activity in Gingival Crevicular Fluid during Orthodontic Tooth MovementArfan ul Haq, Javed Iqbal, Khalid Hussain, Asma Munir, Sameen Irfan
Frequency of Stroke Associated Pneumonia in Stroke PatientsMuhammad Adrees, Subhanullah, Sahar Rasool
Efficacy of Doxycycline in Pleurodesis in Cases of Malignant Pleural EffusionAsad Mahmood Khan, Sana Sehar, Afia Munir
Outcome of Excisional Cervical Lymph Node BiopsyShoaib Qadir Khan, Hafiz Usman Jameel, Madiha Jamil
Metal Clips Versus Intracorporeal Ligation for Cystic Duct Occlusion in Laparoscopic CholecystectomyOsman Riaz, Muhammad Faizan Riaz, Amna Rehan
Prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus in Pregnancy in Tertiary Center and its Casual RelationshipAlfareed Zafar, Shugfta Noor, Ammara Niaz
Comparison of Placental Abruption Between Multipara and Grand MultiparaAmmara Niaz, Afraeed Zafar, Shagufta Noor,