Vol. 5 No. 1 (2011)

From the Desk of the PrincipalProfessor Dr. Riaz Hussain Dab
Rabies: A Highly Fatal But Preventable DiseaseMuhammad Anwar Sulehri, Osman Riaz, Riaz Hussain
Bone Mineral Density in Patients with Metastatic Prostate Cancer with or without Androgen Deprivation TherapyMuhammad Tahir Bashir Malik, Safdar Hassan Javaid, G. M Subhani
Enteric Ileal Perforation Primary Repair versus Loop IleostomyTariq Farooq, Muhammad Umair Rashid, Muhammad Faisal Bilal Lodhi
Comparison of The Efficacy & Safety Of Misoprostol For Termination Of Pregnancy In Second Trimester In Scarred Versus Unscarred UterusSumera Tahir, Sadia Ghaffar, Naureen Javed
Outcome of Augmented External Fixation of Unstable Distal Radius FracturesNoor Akbar Sial, Muhammad Javaid Iqbal, Muhammad Kaleem Shaukat
Social Anxiety Among Depressed And Non Depressed PeopleTariq Rashid, Ayesha Saddiqua, Saadia Naureen
Epidemiology of Fatalities in Road Traffic Accidents in Faisalabad During 2008-2009 – an Autopsy StudyUzma Masud, Muhammad Asif Shehzad, Ahmad Saeed
Etiological Spectrum of Liver Cirrhosis Patients Presenting to a Tertiary care Hospital in PakistanMuhammad Irfan, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, Sabeen Farhan
Diversity of Presentations In Decompensated Chronic Liver Disease Due To HCVGhazanfar Ali Sandhu, Mohammad Mohsin Rana, Ahmed Bilal
Frequency of the Metabolic Syndrome In Type 2 Diabetic Subjects Attending The Diabetes Clinic Of Nishtar Medical College And Hospital, MultanSalma Tanweer, Yasir Illahi, Bibush Amatya
Triggering Of Acute Coronary Syndromes By Physical Exertion And AngerMasood Ali Akbar, Kashif Zafar, Abdul Rehman Abid
Penile Fracture: Role of Early Surgical Intervention on Postoperative Outcome M. Farooq, Asad Ali Shah, M. Khalid Butt
Facial Nerve Palsy With Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Aamir Husain, Umair Aziz
Tuberous Sclerosis With Bilateral AngiomyolipomasArshed Mehmood, M. Khalid Butt, Riaz A Tasneem
Undergraduate Medical ResearchAyesha Ayub, Anam Javed, Afifa Saadia