Vol. 8 No. 1 (2014)

Role of Nifedipine as Tocolytic Agent in Preterm LabourAmmara Niaz, Mubashra Naz, Saadia Khanum
Complications of Emergency TracheostomyBabar Rafiq Khan, Nisar Akber Khan, Hafiz Sajjad Hyder
Effects of Benzalkonium Chloride on the Microanatomy of Corneal StromaWajid Hussain Barki, Muhammad Zubair, Hafiz M
Prevalence of Smoking Among Students of Private University, Lahore PakistanMuhammad Ashraf Chaudhry, Muhammad Zeeshan Ashraf
Frequency of Different Symptoms and Clinico-Pathological features of Surgically Managed Adnexal MassesFauzia Noreen Bhutta, Robina Ali, Shazia Shaheen
Comparison of Excision and Primary Closure (Primary Closure) Versus Modified Limberg Flap (Modified Limberg Flap) Repair In Durr-I-Chaman, Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Faisal Bilal Lodhi
Outcome of Dynamic Compression Plating in Fracture Shaft of HumerusMuhammad Nadeem Yousaf, Shahab ud Din, Muhammad Rizwan Akram
Socio Demographics of Drug Dependents Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, Nighat Haider, Naveed Irfan
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Counterfeit Drugs Among Nurses of Madina Teaching Hospital, FaisalabadRameesha Humayun, Humayun Suqrat Hasan Imam, Zahid Masood Khan
Psycosoical Dilemma in Urinary Incontinent PatientsSyed Imtiaz Ali, Hammad Hanif, Muhammad Khalid Butt
An Insight of Factors of Concern in Choosing Surgery as a ProfessionHammad Hanif, Syed Imtiaz Ali, Ghulam Mahboob Subhani
Comparison of Argyrophilic Nucleolar Organizer Regions in Leukoplakia and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral CavityAsma Ishfaq
Single Sheet Skin Graft Coverage as Treatment of Post Burn Ectropion of Eyelids Zahid Mahmood Nagra, Tamsil Ahsan Shafaat
Comparison Between Role of Honey Dressing and Oxoferin (Tetrachlorodecaoxide) Dressing in the Management of Infected Wounds in Diabetic Amputated LimbsAbid Rashid, Ata-ul-Lateef, Rehman Gulzar
Comparison of Maternal and Neonatal Outcome in Forceps versus Ventouse Assisted Vaginal Delivery Quddsia Tanveer, Anees Fatima
Initial Experience of High Power Diode Laser for Vaporization of ProstateMuhammad Rafiq Zaki, Mujahid Hussain, Tahir Mehmood
Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis in Punjab, PakistanHafiz Muhammad Tayyab, Shahkamal Hashmi, Ghulam Mahboob Subhani
An Unusual Presentation, Pilomatrixoma In The Buttock Area – A Case ReportMuhammad Naeem, Muhammad Iqbal, Owais bin Qadeer